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ZUT: Awakening Childhood Wonder

Welcome to ZUT, a cherished hub of toys and gadgets in the prestigious Knokke le Zoute neighborhood. For over 20 years, ZUT has been a beloved destination, bringing smiles to children and adults alike with their collection of innovative products. Our mission was to encapsulate this sense of playful discovery and wonder with a new store design. We’re thrilled to present the newly transformed ZUT: a vibrant playground that stimulates the senses, triggers imagination, and fuels the curiosity inherent in all of us.


The concept for ZUT was inspired by the spirit of a child’s curiosity – the relentless ‘why’ that drives exploration and learning. We aimed to design a space that would evoke this sense of childlike fascination, turning a simple shopping trip into a journey of discovery.


Our design for the store is both minimalistic and playful, creating a unique balance that enhances rather than overwhelms the visitor’s senses. Given the colorful packaging of the toys being sold, we aimed to create a clean, streamlined backdrop that allows the products to shine, while still maintaining an environment of excitement. Central to our design is ZUT’s emblematic windmill toy, serving as a visual anchor point throughout the store and infusing the space with a sense of motion and whimsy.


Coming early 2024


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